Camden Firefighters Make Ice Rescue of Two Dogs

Shortly before noon on Saturday, February 7, 2004 a civilian knocked on the door of the quarters of Engine Co. 10 and Ladder Co. 2 Station in Camden NJ and informed the man on watch that his two dogs had gotten loose from his yard and wandered onto the ice at a nearby creek and one had fallen through as the other dog stood watch over his Pal. Captain Darryl Davis notified Fire Radio to dispatch Rescue Co. 1 and Battalion 1 and Engine Co. 10 to the 9th Street Bridge for an animal Ice Rescue.

Battalion 1, Chief Dan Rossi informed Fire Radio that he had two large dogs trapped on the ice and Rescue Co. 1 was going into Service with their inflatable boat. Rescue 1's Captain Herb Leary along with Fire Fighters Dan Stratton, Brian Beach, Lacy Phelps Jr. and Gabe Angemi preceded to the river bank where they inflated there boat. Firefighters Phelps and Captain Leary chopped their way through the ice toward the trapped dogs. The one dog had fallen through the broken ice and had its head above the water as his pal stood by his side. Fire fighters were able to use a ceiling hook to grab hold of the dog in the water and pull him into the boat and then preceded to do the same type of rescue on the other dog, who seemed very happy that his pal was rescued. Fire fighters on land pulled the boat in and the dogs were carried up the large embankment where they were dried off and greeting by their owner who quickly put them into his heated car. After a lot of thank you