Evening House Fire Tests Fire Crews in Buffalo, New York

On January 20, 2004, at 21:41 hours, a full assignment was dispatched to 260 Rother for a reported house fire. Dispatched were Engines 22, 31 and 3, Trucks 14, 6 and 5, Rescue 1 and 3rd Battalion Chief Kunz (B-43) under the command of Division Chief Craver (B-56). While en-route, dispatch alerted companies that numerous calls were being received reporting a house on fire.

Engine 22 arrived on location with heavy fire showing from sides 1 and 2 of a vacant 2.5 story frame with a possible exposure problem on side 2.

They laid in an 1-3/4" line and began an aggressive interior attack. As other units arrived and additional lines were laid in, feed engines began having water problems due to frozen hydrants (the temperature was 13 degrees). An additional Engine (33) was dispatched to assist with the feed operations.

While the water problems were being attended to, the fire quickly began to extend to the attic. Crews were pulled out of the structure and an exterior attack was ordered along with an emergency head count.

At that time, B-56 requested an additional two engines (21 and 32) and a truck (13). The fire was placed under control after almost 1-1/2 hours from the time of alarm. Extensive overhaul kept crews on location until after midnight.