Structure Fire in Reston, Virginia

At 5:15 am, on Sunday, February 26, 2006, a structure fire was reported at 2321 Cedar Cove Court, in Reston, Virginia.

Fairfax company 425 ( Reston ) was the first arriving unit. They reported heavy fire showing from a block of 3 units of townhomes.

Due to the high winds in the area at the time a 2nd alarm was requested almost right away. Crews went to work on the exposures and the main fire unit.

Crews found the fire to also be gas fed. A 3rd alarm was requested at that time. Units protected exposures unitl the gas company shut down the gas lines.

Units from Loudoun County and Washington Dulles airport were brought in witht he 3rd alarm.

The 1st and second alarm units were on scene for 7 hours.

Fire investigators found the cause to be a cigarette left on the middle houses deck that ignited the deck and spread.