Drumore Township, Pennsylvania Fire Kills Thousands of Turkeys

Over 8,500 turkeys perished in a mid-day fire in Drumore Township in southern Lancaster County. The fire was discovered by Ryan Nolt, son of the owner of the farm, after an automatic alarm sounded.

Robert Fulton Fire Company was dispatched with an assist from Quarryville Fire Company. Robert Fulton Deputy Chief Gerald Nolt arrived first and confirmed a working fire and requested a 2nd alarm assignment. The second alarm brought units from Oxford, Rawlinsville, Bart, Refton and West Willow fire companies.

The turkey house was approximately 600 feet long by 65 feet wide and capable of holding over 100,000 turkeys. Robert Fulton engine 5-13-1 arrived and stretched several hand lines followed by Quarryville engine 5-7-4 which also stretched several hand lines.

A port-a-tank was set up at the entrance of the farm lane. Rawlinsville Engine 5-8-1 supplied water brought in by numerous tankers from the port-a-tank to units at the turkey house via 5 inch supply line. Quarryville Engine 5-7-2 set up a draft site to fill tankers at a small creek at the intersection of Furniss Road and Tanyard Hollow Road.

There was an almost complete collapse of the roof. The roof was a long span truss roof system with gusset plates placed midway in each side of the roof span. The cause of the fire is believed to be electrical. Damage estimate to the building and loss of the turkeys was $300,000 to $400,000.