Large Two-Story Residence Fire in Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina - A large two-story residence in West Raleigh challenged firefighters on Friday, January 20th.

The 3,251 square-foot brick structure at 3201 Clark Avenue was declared a working fire upon arrival by Engine 5 around 6:30 pm.

Crews worked to control flames in roof and attic areas, with both interior operations and exterior attacks from at least three sides.

A second-alarm was dispatched about 20 minutes into the incident, and a full assignment of relief personnel responded to the scene a couple hours later.

Staging for the second alarm was Clark Avenue. Staging for the relief assignment was Dixie Trial.

The call was reported by motorists who spotted smoke trailing from the building. The fire reportedly started on the second floor in an unoccupied front room.

Built in 1931, the house was the home of an elderly couple. They were not aware of the fire. Both occupants escaped unharmed, including one person in a wheelchair.

Units remained on fire watch through the evening. Investigators returned to the scene Saturday morning.

Units on scene included: First alarm: E5, E6, E8, T20, R14, B3, C5, SR5; Second alarm: E14, E13, E20, T1, R7, B4, C3; Move-ups: E7 to Station 8, T11 to Station 1; Relief: E7, E9, E17, T11, R19.