Dade County Firefighters Battle Raging Fire At Upscale Home in Georgia

Thursday, February 16,2006 - 5:30 pm - North Dade Fire and Rescue was alerted of a possible house fire on Pine Crest Drive, just off of Highway 299 in WildWood.

When the first engine company arrived on the scene, they immediately confirmed a heavily involved structure fire. Fire crews called for additional fire units to be dispatched to the scene while they started several initial attacks on the fast moving blaze.

Water supply quickly became a primary issue as the nearest fire hydrant was several blocks away and the entire run was up hill to the fire. Additional fire engines arrived on the scene quickly and started boosting pressure to assist with the flow. Several additional tanker trucks were also dispatched to the scene of the fire. Fire crews were in a heavy battle against the wind as the fire was already raging out of control and quickly consuming the home.

Neighbors said the couple that lived in the house were at home at the time the fire broke out. Luckily they were able to escape without injury. Unfortunately the only things they were able to escape with was the cloths they were wearing. Neighbors said the fire spread very quickly, possibly due to the wind.

Firefighters were finally able to bring the fire under control after about two hours, but not before it totally destroyed the home. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The loss is estimated to be over $200,000 dollars. Two brand new pickup trucks were also consumed by the fire.