Self- Storage Facility Fire in Lancaster, Ohio

Lancaster, Ohio - Lancaster firefighters battled a 36 unit self storage facility fire last night. The fire was called in when a near by resident heard an explosion and than saw flames coming for some near by storage units.

Engine Co.3 and Medic 503 were first to arrive on scene only a block from the engine house and they marked a working fire. Due to the fire load the flames had spread very rapidly and in a matter of just a few minutes had grown from one unit to eight units.

Firefighters worked quickly to douse the flames. Engine Co. 3 and Medic 503 began to attack the fire from the "C" side while on the arrival of Engine Co. 1 they began an attack on the fire from the "A" side.

It took firefighters some time to overhaul the building as several units had to be forced open to check for fire extension.

Fire investigators were called in to determine the cause of the fire and take witness statements. The fire is under investigation. No one was injured in the fire. Several old cars were being stored in the building at the time of the fire. Fire officials have estimated the loss at $75,000.