Rhode Island Firefighters Respond to Car vs. Semi MVA on I-95 Southbound

Late last year, members of the Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire District responded to a reported car vs. Semi on I-95 S at Exit 3.

Arriving units found an older model Pontiac Bonneville had collided head-on with a Mack tractor trailer in the high speed lane of the highway.

It appears the driver had been merging onto the highway from Exit 3, lost control of his car, spun out into the high speed lane, bounced off the jersey barrier, and collided with a rapidly approaching Semi. Remarkably, the driver was conscious, alert and oriented upon the first unit's arrival, but severely pinned into the vehicle. Mutual aid was called for additional man power and extrication equipment.

Members of Hope Valley Ambulance and Richmond - Carolina Fire District responded to the scene. Chief Fred Stanley took command of the incident. Hope Valley Units onscene included Engine 912, with a complete set of Hurst Jaws and Spreader, Heavy Rescue/Special Hazards 900 with another full set of Hurst Jaws, Spreaders and Rams. Mutual Aid units included Hope Valley Ambulance Squad 300 and Hope Valley Ambulance 313, both ALS units. Richmond - Carolina Fire District responded with Special Hazards 612, equipped with a complete set of Holomatro Spreaders and Jaws. They also provided a second engine to establish a Life Star Landing Zone.

The roof was removed from the vehicle, and the dash pushed back to free the driver, who remained fully alert, with no complaints throughout the incident.

The driver was transported to a local trauma center for evaluation.

At one point in the incident, 4 sets of hydraulic tools were being used simultaneously.