Fighterfighters Knock Down Construction Fire at a New Lakeville, Minnesota High School

The Lakeville, Minnesota Fire Department responded to a report of a fire on the roof of the new high school on January 13, 2004 at 2:13 PM, according to Public Information Officer Jason Amundson.

When firefighters arrived, large plumes of black smoke were observed coming from the top of the structure. Firefighters gained access to the roof and found approximately six (6) separate piles of foam insulation burning.

The ladder truck was set up near the side of the building and was used to extinguish the majority of the fire. According to Fire Chief Al Braun, gaining access to the fire was a difficult task due to the height of the building. Also, water was not available to this site as of yet, so the tanker truck was used to supply water.

Fire Inspector Brian Carstensen stated that the fire started when workers were using cutting torches and welder