Structure Fire in Springfield, Massachusetts

Just before 12pm, on the afternoon of January 24, 2006, Springfield, Massachusetts Fire Department was called to a reported structure fire at 4 Quebec Street in the city's Indian Orchard neighborhood.

Fire Dispatch received 3 consecutive calls concerning this location and first due Engine Co. 5 reported they have visual confirmation of a column of black smoke in the area of the address.

Upon arrival Engine 5 and stable mate Ladder Co. 5 initiated an aggressive attack on the fire, advancing hand lines inside and performing a primary search which turned up negative.

Conditions on the fireground deteriorated rapidly and within 15 minutes of the arrival of Engines 5, 8, 9 and 12, Ladders 5 and 8, the department's Rescue Squad (Company) and District and Deputy Chiefs, the evacuation order was given and operations went from interior to exterior.

Companies remained on scene for 3 hours before the fire was brought under control and a fire detail was expected to be on scene through the night dousing hot spots.

Estimated damage was $225,000.