Pennsylvania Firefighters Battle House Fire

The City of Jeannette Fire Dept. was dispatched to a reported house fire 200 block S. 11th St.

When the 1st unit arrived (Eng. 8), they reported a working fire, sector 2 side of structure, second floor. The attic area got involved due to flames venting from second floor windows, into attic window upon arrival. The local police informed them there still might be some people inside.

The 1st engine in (Eng. 8) pulled 2 1 3/4 lines for initial attack, through front of house. Before search was started, police reported everyone was out of the house. As the first initial attack crew were advancing, Capt. 112 3 witnessed the fire spread to sector 4 side of the structure, second floor. 2 1/3/4 lines were used for interior attack, and an additional 2 lines were pulled for support. Chief 112 ordered all personnel out of the structure 35 min. into the incident due to heavy fire damage to the roof.

The tower ladder was placed in front of sector 2 off a rear alley. Eng. 7 was ordered to hit hydrant at 11th St. & Orange Ave. w/ 5'' supply line into Eng. 8. Eng. 94 (Penn, PA) was ordered to hit hydrant at Mapleton & alley entrance w/ 5'' supply line into tower ladder 112. Firefighter's had problem's with water supply after first two hydrant's they hit gave minimal water pressure. Eng. 21 (Grapeville, PA) was ordered to hit hydrant at 12th st. & Penn Ave. w/ 5'' supply line into Eng. 94 due to minimal water from both previous hydrant's.

Help was used from 2 surrounding companies and the fire was brought under control within 45 minutes of initial dispatch.

The City of Jeannette Fire Department is a career dept. that employ's 3 full time fireman. 1 chief, and two captains, along with 37 paid on call firefighter's. They protect 11,000 plus resident's of the city, in a 2.2 mile radius.

Our fleet consists of 2 engines: 2000 Pierce Saber 1500 G.P.M., 1000 Gallons water tank, 1987 Ford Grumman 1000 G.P.M., 600 gallon water tank. 1976 Tower Ladder 75' Mack Baker Aerialscope with 1500 G.P.M. pump. 1990 Chevy 3500 Positive PPV truck mounted ventilation apparatus. 1990 Light Rescue, 1980 Special Service Support Unit.