Connecticut Firefighters Battle House Fire

At 0825 hours Seymour Vol. FD was dispatched to 138 Washington Ave. for a reported structure fire. The first alarm brought 2 engines, 1 truck and a rescue from Citizens Engine Company.

Also responding were Chief Mike Driscoll (FD1), Asst. Chief Paul Thorpe (FD2) and Asst. Chief Tom Eighmie (FD3). While responding FD2 reported a large volume of smoke, FD1 requested a second alarm for 1engine and a RIT Team from Great Hill Hose Company. Upon arrival FD1 reported a working fire, heavy fire on the second floor and attic of a colonial with multiple victims. He immediately requested a third alarm bringing a second engine and a rescue plus all available manpower from Great Hill Hose Company. A mutual aid RIT team was called from Ansonia FD, allowing Great Hill RIT to be used to fight the fire and a second ambulance from Seymour Ambulance Corp. for the fire victims. Station coverage was provided by Quaker Farms (Oxford FD) and Beacon Hose (Beacon Falls FD).

The fire on the second floor was knocked down quickly but the hose team found it difficult to make the stairs to the attic do to the heavy fire conditions. FD1 ordered everyone to back out and the attic was darkened from outside. The outside lines were shut down and a second attempt was made to get to the attic. Crews found the attic stairs had been weakened and that the attic had lit up again. They were ordered out again and the fire was darkened down from the exterior. The third time lines were sent up ground ladders to finish extinguishing the attic.

Great Hill Hose Ladies Auxiliary prepared refreshments for the firefighters and brought them to Washington Ave. in the Dive Team van M20.