Pawtucket, Rhode Island Firefighters Battle Building Fire

On Saturday December 27, 2003 Pawtucket Fire Alarm Dispatched companies to 133 Broad Street for a report of a Fire. Companies arrived on scene to find a three story 50x50 commercial with apartments above with smoke showing from side 3 rear.

An aggressive interior attack was made on the structure while the officer in charge requested a second alarm to the scene. As companies were making their attack, the fire progressed in the walls to the upper floors.

The officer in charge on scene, after about 20 minutes, then ordered all companies out of the building to set up an exterior attack. Companies protected the exposures on side 2, 3, and 4.

While setting up for exterior attack, a member was injured while operating on exposure 4. It appeared the member fell from either the second story roof of exposure 4 or the ladder going from exposure 4 to the window of the fire building. After a mayday was transmitted, a quick recovery was made in the alleyway of the building between the fire building and exposure 4. The member walked out on his own power and was then transported to the hospital for evaluation.

A general alarm assignment was brought to the scene, bringing in all companies from Pawtucket, RI and mutual AID from the surrounding towns.