Illinois Firefighters Battle House Fire

Skokie, Illinois firefighters responded to a box alarm for a report of car on fire next to a house.

The fire apparently began as a car fire in an attached garage to a single story ordinary constructed dwelling.

The fire was rapidly extending into the cockloft area of the dwelling as companies arrived on the scene.

Truck companies aggressively vented the roof in an attempt to limit the spread of the fire.

This operation took place in very smoky and difficult conditions.

As soon as the first vent hole was complete heavy smoke and soon fire issued forth.

A second hole was immediately begun and heavy smoke vented, followed soon by fire.

The fire was also attacked by the use of a distributor nozzle through the vent holes and met with good steam conversion and appeared to knock down a lot of the fire.

A total of 4 engines, pumper squad and 2 truck companies operated at this fire.