Fort Worth Firefighter Bails Out 2nd Floor Window

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A Fort Worth firefighter got a scare on Tueday morning when he lost his way and ran out of air causing him to bail out a second floor window to escape the flames.

Bart Bradberry was on the second floor trying to battle a stubborn house fire when his SCBA alerted him that he was low on air.

Bradberry and a fellow firefighter tried to work their way through the building, but Bradberry became separated from the other firefighter. Being low on air and conditions worsening Bradberry found a window and dove head first to safety.

A fellow firefighter who happened to be under the window at the time of Bradberry's bailout, grabbed his leg and dropped him headfirst into the arms of another firefighter.

The scary experience did not harm Bradberry, but did cause some damage to his firefighting gear.