West Ridge Fire Department Responds to Violent Fatal Wreck in Pennsylvania

January 9 - At 2am, units from West Ridge and Millcreek Paramedics (suburban Erie, PA) were dispatched to Sterrettania and Thomas Roads in the first due for a reported vehicle accident.

First arriving units reported 1 vehicle with extreme heavy damage wrapped around a tree. Crews from Engines 16 & 17 used thermal imaging cameras to check the immediate area for any possible more victims, but none were found.

The only person in the vehicle, the driver, was pronounced DOA at the scene. Crews stood-by as the Erie County Coroners office and the Millcreek Township Police Department did their investigations at the scene.

The engine of the vehicle was found about 50 feet away from the wreckage.

While the vehicle was being placed on the flatbed, Engine 17 stood by with an attack line as a precaution due to a large gas leak from underneath the vehicle.

Once the vehicle was loaded, Engine 17 followed the wrecker to the salvage yard as a precaution. Skid marks were found 150 feet from where the vehicle had collided with the tree.

It appears the vehicle hit the tree at a high rate of speed.

Companies returned to the fire station at 5am.

Chief 460 had command and Safety 1 was safety.