Dwelling Fire in Camden City, New Jersey

On December 23rd, The Camden City Fire Department was dispatched to 66 24th Street for a reported dwelling fire.

Engine 9 (Kinky), Ladder 3 (Magee), and Battalion 2 (Depascale) arrived and reported a 2 story MOD with heavy fire coming from the 2nd floor.

Companies attempted to go into service with a handline but were unable to due to the electrical box on the porch arching.

Battalion 2 also reported that he had power lines down on the top of Tower Ladder 3. Battalion 2 requested the all hands which gave him Squad 7 and Battalion 1.

Minutes later he also requested an additional engine and truck bringing Tower Ladder 1 and Engine 1 to the scene.

Companies on scene encountered heavy fire conditions in the original fire building, and were forced to evacuate due to structural instability. They then began to protect the exposures.

Multiple handlines were used at the scene along with several big lines, and Engine Company 9's Deck Gun.

Fire was placed under control approximately 45 minutes from dispatch.

There were no reported injuries at the scene.