Two Car Crash, Vehicle Ends Up Inside Busy Downtown Chattanooga Restaurant

On Friday, December 23, 2005, at 1:30 pm, the City of Chattanooga Fire Department dispatched several units, including two squads, to an accident on the corner of Chestnut street and Main Street. Several 9-1-1 callers reported a vehicle had crash through the front of a busy sports bar.

When rescue units arrived on the scene, they immediately called for additional medic units due to the high occupancy inside the establishment.

Within minutes, emergency workers were able to determine that the number injured was not as bad as originally thought.

Several people that were inside the restaurant contribute this to the quick response of one of the eight men that were eating at a table right at the front of the building.

Witnesses say the eight men that were enjoying some relaxation time had been there for about thirty minutes. When the crash occurred, one of the men spotted the pickup truck coming toward the building and yelled.

Almost all of the customers say that the man may have save countless lives due to his quick reaction. Unfortunately two of the eight men did receive some minor injuries as they attempted to dive out of the path of the pickup truck.

Witnesses say the crash occurred when a green Ford Mustang ran a stop sign at the intersection causing the pickup truck to collide with it. The pickup truck bounced off the Mustang and headed right for the front of the sports bar.

The driver of the Mustang received several minor injuries, but the driver of the pickup truck was said to have some serious injuries.

All the patients were transported by ambulance to Erlanger Medical Center. Official say that this was a fortunate conclusion to a situation that could have had a very unfortunate result.