New Hampshire Firefighters Battle House Fire

On Sunday, December 14, during the city's second major storm of the year, Manchester, NH Fire Alarm operators received a 911 call for a building fire on the city's west side.

Box 743 was transmitted at 2146 hrs. dispatching 3 Engines, 2 Ladders, 1 Heavy Rescue Co., and a District Chief to 521-527 Hevy Street.

Additional 911 calls reported people trapped on the second floor.

First due Engine 6 reported a working fire, with people trapped, and raised a ground ladder to a second floor porch to rescue a family of three just awakened from smoke alarms.

The Mother and two children managed to get out onto the exterior porch from the third floor and then climbed down to the roof of the second-floor porch, to be rescued by Engine Co. 6's crew of three! T

he fast moving fire required 4 Alarms and extensively damaged the six-unit apartment building, leaving four families, including eight children.