Structure Fire in Paulsboro, New Jersey

On December 8th the Paulsboro Fire Department was dispatched to 1531 SO. Commerce Street for a structure fire. 1701 Chief Gary Stevenson was first to arrive and find one garage fully involved and a shed partially involved.

Orders were given to the first engine in (1711) to go into service and the crew was to lead off with an 1 3/4" line to start knocking down the fire. The first attack team led by FF Keith Hogle, 2nd Lt Gregg Goss and FF Ed Keagan knocked down the bulk of the fire on the shed and then assisted another team lead by 1st Lt Pat Mcginn and Dan Berth with knocking down the fire on the garage.

Crews continued with knocking down the fire as Gibbstown 2111 laid 5" from the hydrant and then tied into 1711. 2111 and 2116 on location sent manpower forward to help crews with their firefighting efforts. 1721 arrived with limited manpower and also sent a crew to assist on the scene. Due to manpower shortage District 19 was also called in.

Fire was placed under control in about 40 minutes and crews remained on location for another hour for overhaul and to assure there were no more hot spots.