New Hampshire Firefighters Respond to Car Crushed by Tree

At 1353 hours on Saturday, November 29, 2003 the Goffstown, NH Fire Department was dispatched to a reported tree down on a convertible car in the area of 65 East Dunbarton Road, in Grasmere section of town. Tanker 5 and 07 (Captain Gil Upton) responded from the nearby Terrill Hill Road station. Arriving companies found a large pine tree, measuring approximately 100 feet tall by 5 to 6 foot diameter, down across the road. Access to the tree was hampered due to several hundred feet of power and high-tension lines entangled in the tree limbs. After assessing that it was safe to proceed past the wires, a size-up of the area revealed that a small convertible car was directly under the fallen tree. Crews cleared fallen debris and gained access to the car. To their surprise, a single occupant of the car was alive and trapped beneath the wreckage.

After hearing the horrific noise of the accident, neighbors came out of their houses to investigate. Prior to the fire department