Prince George's County, Maryland Collapse Team Assists at Fire Scene

At 2148 on Saturday night units from the Greenbelt area were dispatched for a apartment on fire. First arriving units went on the scene with smoke showing. Communication received several reports of people including kids being trapped in their apartment. This fire went to a Third Alarm with specials after the Third Alarm.

Just after 1200 on Sunday the PG County Collapse Team was requested to the scene in Greenbelt to assist units on the scene with shoring up the building. Technician R. Robinett was at station 27 Morningside completing the Structure Collapse class that had been going on for three months when the request came in.

The four floors of the building to the left of the stars had collapse into the Terrace. The PG County Collapse Team arrived under the direction of Tech R. Robinett and went to work setting up the following areas: cut station, the wood and logistical equipment staging area, the construction of Raker Shores area, and air shore assembly area. The team then went to work building and shoring the building. After the Raker shores were put in place, Members from station 22 started putting the plan together to remove the victim. To remove the victim rope and rigging would have to be used. At the same time crews worked with Tech R. Robinette to put the shores in place on the balcony's. Four personnel from the class at station 27 went to the call in Greenbelt and assisted the team putting up Rakers, and shoring the balcony's.