Scranton, Pennsylvania Firefighters Battle Apartment Fire

On November 27, 2003 at 23:40 the Scranton Fire Department was dispatched to a possible structure fire at the Jackson Terrace apartment complex.

The first units reported heavy smoke throughout the entire building encompassing 5, 3 floor apartments. Immideiatly, a second alarm was tapped out sending in additional companies. The fire progressed through common ceilings and floors. Eventually, firefighters found that a defensive mode was the only alternative.

First alarm companies consisted of: Engine 7, Engine 9, Truck 4, Rescue 1 and the Chief.

The second alarm brought: Engine 2, Engine 4, and Engine 15.

At 11:00 hrs only Engine 2 remained on scene to wet down any remaing hot spots. They were released at 15:45 hrs. Fifty firefighters battled the fire.