Four MD Fires in 24 Hours

4th Fire

Just after 0400 communication received calls reporting an explosion with people trapped at 5715 Colon Terrace.

E-29 arrived with Fire showing laying dual lines. Squad 27 arrived completed a size up of side three, checking to see if there was any chance to get to the trapped people in the basement but was met with the same showing on side three as was showing on side one.

House assignment: E-29, E-25, E-32, Tk-26, Sq-27

Extra Engine: 731(Naval District Washington)

3rd Fire

Units were dispatched to 11203 Willow for a house Fire. First arriving units discovered cloths burning in a bedroom. Squad 27 set up PPV for ventilation,

2nd Fire

5623 Regency Park Ct.

Units were dispatched for a dryer fire at 5623 Regency Park Ct. Squad 27 arrived discovered a small fire in the laundry room that was put out just before fire department arrived. The remainder of the Box was cleared as Squad 27 started to vent.

While ventilating the laundry room with a PPV, the driver of the Squad noticed a column of black smoke coming from side 2. After a quick investigation it was determined that there was something else on fire.

Crews checked the Terrace apartments and discovered a room off on the Terrace level. Squad 27 requested the Box and started to evacuate the building.

Box: E-17, E-29, E-23, E-8, Tk-26, Tk-5, Sq-27

Fire Task Force: E-37, E-38, Tk-21, WS-25

1st Fire

Just before 1000 communication received reports of a building on fire in the 700 blk of Maurey Ave.

As soon as the Box was dispatched command Officers notified communication to make an announcement that this was an Exterior Operation, this complex is vacant buildings.

A Fire Task Force was called; Crews used hand-lines in conjunction with Master streams

Squad 27 arrived and assumed the RIC.

Box: E-42, E-29, E-32, E-47, Tk-21, Tk-17, Sq-27

2nd Alarm: E-26, E-23, E-37, E-38, Tk-5, TW-24, WS-25, ECU-22

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