Tullahoma, Tennessee Firefighters Find House Under Renovation Fully Involved

On the morning of November 18, 2005 the Tullahoma Fire Department responded to a structure fire.

The involved structure is a three story, with full basement and elevator, of wood frame construction and partially completed brick exterior. This house has been under construction for approximately three years. The structure did not have sheet rock on the interior walls and the fire was able to quickly spread.

Upon our arrival, four and a half minutes for the first arriving units from the initial call, the building was fully involved and already falling in, therefore only a defensive attack was applicable. The incident command system was set up at the initial arrival by the on duty Captain.

The intense heat from the fire caused windows 250 feet away on a house across the street to break out, neighboring yards were on fire, vinyl trim around their windows had melted, and leaves on top of the houses were igniting. Immediately, all available personnel began protecting exposures with about 1500 gpm of water.

No one was injured, however, one man working on the third story was forced to go out a window and come down scaffolding because of the quickly spreading fire.

Two engines, two rescues, and a 75