Morningside, Maryland Firefighters Extricate One from Vehicle

Prince Geroge's Public Safety Communications received several reports of an accident at John St. and Suitland Rd. This address is a block from Station 27.

Rescue Squad 27 arrived determined that this was an accident with a bail out. A victim was trapped in the vehicle. A crowd of about 50 people that had gathered at the accident site.

Squad 27 stabilized the vehicle and started the extrication. With the vehicles sitting up against one another, the Squad crew needed to stand on the vehicles while using the extrication using the tools.

The Hurst Spreaders were used on the driver door. Crews used the Hurst Extractor, Battery Combo tool, and Saw Zall to cut the post on the roof. Once the roof was removed the victim was placed on a back board and removed from the vehicle.