Live Burn by Laurel Fork Volunteer Fire Department in Carroll County, Virginia

These are photos of a live burn conducted by Laurel Fork Volunteer Fire Department in March of 2005. The house was located on Snake Creek Road in the Gladesboro section of Carroll County, Virginia.

The home was a two story structure owned by a local farmer and had gotten in such bad shape that it couldn't be rented. It was being destroyed for fear of livestock injuries as it sat in the edge of a cow pasture.

Our members joked that we wouldn't need a water supply because of the 2-3 feet of water standing in the basement.

We were pleased with the training conducted as we were able to introduce several rookies into the world of interior firefighting.

This was rare as we all know how hard it is to get the opportunity to conduct a good burn within the bounds of your own territory.

Special thanks to Micrometrics Fire Brigade for the use of their pumper and manpower.