Residential Structure Fire in Noel, Missouri

On November 3, 2005, Noel, Missouri Volunteer Fire Department and Freeman Ambulance were dispatched to a residential structure fire in a heavily wooded, rural area of McDonald County Missouri.

When Freeman Ambulance arrived the Medics called in a single family residential structure on fire with smoke and flames showing to the rear onf the structure.

Mutual aid alarms were dispatched to Pineville Volunteer, White Rock Volunteer and Anderson Vollunteer Fire Departments.

Freeman Paramedic Ike Eisenhower and Freeman EMT Dennis Youngberg assisted the resident in removing personal property from the residence.

The resident stated that the fire started in a newly remodled room in the rear of the 3 bedroom residence. He stated that he had purchased a new puppy and had placed a heat lamp by the dog to keep him warm.

The resident then went to work. He returned a short time later to get the mail and found the fire.

The dog parished. The resident and his wife were newly weds and she was at work.

The first truck to arrive was an engine from Noel, they attacked the fire with a pre-connect.

Pineville was the second to arrive and they attacked with another pre-connect. Both engines ran out of water prior to the arrival of a tanker from White Rock.

Once water was available, the fire was extinguished. Two firefighters were treated and released by Freeman Ambulance personell.

The house was a total loss.