Stewart Airport Firefighters Respond to In Flight Emergency

On Thursday morning at approx 0930 hours the Stewart Air Guard FD was notified of an In Flight Emergency. The plane, a Gulfstream G-IV business Jet originating in Helsinki Finland had been diverted to Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, NY.

Upon take-off from the Airport in Helsinki the Pilot heard a loud noise from under the plane and Airport officials in Helsinki found debris from the plane's nose gear door and nose gear tire on the runway, the plane with 3 souls onboard was then diverted to Stewart from an unknown destination along the east coast.

Stewart Air Guard Firefighters led by Chief John Cinquemani were ready as the plane made the 1st of several flyovers to evaluate the damage to the plane, it was then decided the plane would attempt a landing and it landed safely and without incident.

Once the plane had landed the damage to the nose gear area was quite apparent with a shredded nose gear tire and part of nose gear door missing.

Assisting Stewart were units from Coldenham, Orange Lake, Winona Lake, Goodwill, Vails Gate, City of Newburgh, Orange County Hazmat Team & Mobile Life Support Services with numerous FD's on standby. The New York State Police, US Customs Officals, Airport Operations Staff, Town of Newburgh PD, Town of New Windsor PD and Orange County Sheriffs Office also assisted.