Firefighters Put Quick Stop to Ohio Residential Fire

An unknown fire call from a neighbor on October 2, 2003, turned out to be a residential fire.

Upon arrival of the Crooksville Vol. Fire Dept. Capt. D. Newlon, IC of Engine 213, reported a working fire and quickly called for an defensive attack after doing a fire ground walk around and finding a partial collapse of the roof over atleast 1/3 of the residence.

Crews from Crooksville, Roseville Vol. Fire Dept. & the City of New Lexington Fire Dept. contained the fire in about an 1/2 hour.

Other units responding were; Crooksville E-213, E-211, M-212; Roseville E-1301, ET-1302, S-1301, U-1301; New Lexington ET-11, The Perry County Fire Task Force (investigation team), State Fire Marshal's Office and the Red Cross.