One Worker Injured in Brooklyn Subway Explosion

On September 26, in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, FDNY units responded to Caton and East 2nd Street for a reported transformer explosion in the IND "F" line of the subway.

On arrival, units found one worker with burns and there were reports that two other workers were missing.

"All hands" went to work at this scene while additional units were sent several blocks away to Church Avenue to check an escape exit for the two missing workers.

Within minutes, all workers had been accounted for and crews directed their attention on extinguishment.

On investigation, the FDNY determined that it was not a transformer that exploded but a series of electrical breakers.

The subway system was shut down in the area, all power to the tracks was shut off and an adjacent school was evacuated as a precaution.

The Department's Hazardous Materials unit was special called to the scene as well as additional engine and ladder companies and Squad 252.

The fire was brought under control with no additional injuries.

Before allowing the students back to class, crews took CO readings in the school.