MA Warehouse Destroyed In Roaring Fire

A massive fire in a large in a four story brick and wood building located at 10 Heywood St. stretched the limits of the Springfield Fire Department in the two alarm blaze.

The Department has put 5 engine companies and two ladder companies out of service due to budget cuts.

Fire crews from Westover Air Force Base and the surrounding communities were called in the help with this incident.

The rear of the structure abutted active rail service tracks. Supply lines had to be re-positioned several times as trains passed by the scene.

The rear wall collapse forced fire crews to run supply lines across the rail tracks.

No one was injured fighting the blaze, but some firefighters had to fend off rocks thrown by people gathered by the railroad tracks behind the building.

A crowd off about 100 people had gathered near the train tracks. The spectators became upset because they were told to leave the area and began throwing rocks at the firefighters and police.