Rhode Island Firefighters Battle Two Alarm Blaze

On Sunday, September 7th just before 5pm Providence Fire Alarm was alerted to a possible structure fire on Woodmont Avenue near Elmwood Avenue. Engines 11, 10, 8, Ladders 5 and 2, Special Hazards and Battalion 3 were dispatched. Engine 11 arrived in under a minute and reported heavy fire venting from the second floor and began an aggressive interior attack. Battalion 3 ordered an additional engine and ladder to the fire above the FAST company.

As interior crews made the second level of the 1 and a half story cottage, they advised Woodmont Command that they had located a victim. Command immediately ordered the balance of the second alarm assignment, brining an additional 2 engines and 1 truck along with Division 1 (shift commander) and an additional rescue for the victim.

Shortly after removal of the elderly female victim the second floor became untenable, and Command ordered companies out of the building for exterior operations. Master streams were prepared on Ladder 6 and Tower 2, but these proved unnecessary, as multiple handline streams knocked down the bulk of the heavy fire and allowed interior operations to resume.

The fire was placed under control by Division 1 shortly before 6pm.