Bus Rescue Class in Rogers, Arkansas

On September 6, 2005, the Rogers Fire Department started a Bus Rescue Class for each shift of the department.

Each class consisted of three days; the first was spent in the classroom learning about the different types of buses, how they are constructed and how to enlarge openings for rescue.

The next day was a Mass Causality incident involving a school bus. Northwest Arkansas Community College's EMT class volunteered to act as victims for the drill which involved fifteen patients.

The victims were triaged, treated and transported to local hospitals via Eagle Med and Air Evac helicopters as well as ground ambulances.

The last day of class for each shift consisted of making and enlarging openings that would facilitate rescuer access and patient removal. There were three buses for class, two type C and one type A.

The following evolutions were completed:

  • Stabilize a bus overturned on its side.
  • Stabilize an upright bus on its wheels.
  • Front Door removal.
  • Rear door removal and enlargement.
  • Remove and enlarge front windshield.
  • Remove and enlarge side windows.
  • Complete a driver extrication.
  • Make and enlarge a roof opening.

Training of this nature is crucial; it provides valuable hands on experience to all members of the department. This is the first time that bus rescue has been offered department wide, but it is not the first time that a class like this has been completed. Last year the department did heavy truck rescue and had the opportunity to cut apart six semi tractors. We hope that we can continue to offer classes of this nature to the department; it is a great way to prepare for the real thing.