Accident with Entrapment in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

At 2:40 am, on September 18, 2005, Vandergrift Fire-Rescue was dispatched for an accident with entrapment on Grant Avenue near Vincenzo's bar.

Fire Chief Schaeffer arrived on-scene and reported a single car accident, with said car being on it's side, at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Columbia Avenue.

Two occupants were still in the vehicle.

Rescue 151 arrived moments later and started vehicle stabilization. EMS crews reported that the occupants had minor injuries but due to the uncertainty of spinal injuries, it was decided to remove the roof from the vehicle and extricate each patient.

Crews removed the roof of the vehicle and removed the passenger first, who was still restrained into his seat. The female driver was then removed from the vehicle and crews then remained on-scene until the towing service arrived.

A minor amount of fluids were cleaned and all units returned into service at 3:45 am.

The accident was caused by the driver falling asleep at the wheel and then striking a traffic dummy at the intersection.