Virginia Firefighters Respond to House Fire

The alarm was received on August 14, 2003 for a structure fire in a residence. The first unit reported smoke showing at 1547 hours. The fire originated in an outside trash can and spread to the back porch roof, then up the rafter between the finished attic and the roof. It then reached the peak and spread in both directions. Crews vented the roof, front, and rear only to have fire reach out through the openings.

A standard alarm response consisted of three engines, a ladder, a squad, a rescue (ambulance) and a battalion chief. Two of the engines and the squad had just cleared from an apartment fire 2 miles away and responded to the fire.

Due to the heat conditions of the day and fire spread, an additional engine was dispatched. Access to the fire was restricted by the finished attic space, and the fire had a fairly long head start.

The fire was under control was at 1632 hours.