Prince George's County, Maryland Firefighters Rescue Worker

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, units from the Largo area were dispatched to Arena Drive and Lottsford Road for an injured construction worker.

An adult male victim was working in a tunnel, 30 feet below ground level, being constructed for the Metro Blue Line extension into Largo. The victim was struck in the hip area by a large beam that was being put into place by a crane.

Units from Kentland Fire Station 33 and Tuxedo Rescue Squad 22 were dispatched to the scene.

Using high-angle rope skills, firefighters rigged a hoisting system using a large on-site construction crane and a system of ropes and pulleys.

Firefighters and paramedics treated the patient in the tunnel for nonlife threatening injuries and then packaged him for the trip up to ground level.

Once on the ground he was transported to a local trauma center for treatment. The entire operation took about 1 hour to complete.