New Jersey Dwelling Fire

Units from Task Force 5 (Station 5-1 - Woodbury, 7-3 - Westville, 8-1 - National Park, & Squad 5-9 - Woodbury) were sent to 242 Maple Ave. for a reported dwelling fire.

Duty Officer 7-303 arrived to find heavy fire showing from the 'D' divison. It was further reported that the occupants vehicles were in the driveway and that the oocupants were unaccounted for.

Crews performed a search with negative results and made an aggressive interior attack knocking down the bulk of the visible fire.

Due to extensive fire damage prior to the departments arrivial the evacuation was ordered by command.

With all visible fire knocked down crews went to the roof of the dwelling and the roof of the front porch to ventilate.

Crews on the porch roof began taking the windows and were met imediately with a light smoke condition.

Within seconds the smoke turned black and the room flashed-over, blowing heavy fire out the windows and towards the roof. This endangered both the firefighters on the porch roof as well as the firefighter on the roof of the dwelling.

Both firefighters on the porch roof escaped via a ground ladder. The firefighter on the roof of the dwelling made it to the quint's ladder and was moved out of the way just as the fire swept over the roof-line, were he had been standing only seconds before.

Multiple handlines as well as a deck-gun were directed on the newly discovered fire for another quick knockdown.

Companies on location included those mentioned above as well as Station 15-1 (Woodbury Heights), Station 22-2 (Mantua), Station 9-3 (Deptford), Station 21-1 (Gibbstown), Station 6-6 (Greenfields), and Squad 6-9 (West Deptford).