Camden, New Jersey Firefighters Respond to Person Trapped in Car

Shortly before 9am, on September 7, 2005, Camden, New Jersey Rescue 1 (Captain Dilks ), Engine 10 (Captain Young), and Battalion 1, Chief Rossi were dispatched to the 3000 block of Kearsarge Road in the Fairview section of the city for an accident.

Engine 10 was first in, and Captain Young reported he had one person trapped in a car in a garage.

It appeared that an 83 year old man had gotten into his car and backed out into the street and backed into a tree. He then put the car in drive to pull up onto his ramp to the garage but he hit the gas petal going forward into the open garage and crashed in the back wall of his garage, trapping him in his car. A neighbor saw him do it and called 911 to report it.

Members of Rescue 1 and Engine 10 were able to push the car from the garage and Camden EMS workers were able to remove the man.

EMS checked him out and he seamed to be ok, but he was a little confused on what was going on.