Sanford and Seminole County, Florida Firefighters Perform a Trench Rescue

On August 6, 2003, the Sanford and Seminole County Fire Departments were dispatched to a trench rescue at approximately 12:45pm.

Firefighters from both departments, along with Seminole County's Special Hazards Operations Team worked for hours trying to free a public works employee who was stuck deep in mud after a water main break.

The hole, which was approximately 20 feet deep was quickly filling with water. Rescue efforts were hampered when a large lightning storm approached the area, shortly after the digging process began.

Due to high amounts of water from the water main break and the thunderstorm, firefighters had to bring in pumps from surrounding stations, storm water vacuums from the public works department, shoring for the side of the hole and two cranes.

After approximately 4 hours, the man was rescued from the hole with minimal injuries.