Pennsylvania Rescue Crews Work to Extricate 4 Victims on the Turnpike

On Tuesday, July, 5 2003 at 12:35 hours Bucks County Fire and EMS Units were dispatched for a Vehicle Crash westbound PA Turnpike at Second Street Pike Bridge. Engine 65 was advised by county radio of reports of ten vehicles possibly involved and five people trapped. 65 Command requested extra rescue companies, while the county dispatched multiple medic units. Fire Marshal on scene reported two tractor trailer and several cars involved with four people heavily entrapped. All four of the victims were reported to be trauma patients.

EMS requested two medical helicopters to the scene. Due to stormy weather all local medical helicopters were unable to fly, Skycare-1 from Chester County was able to make the flight. They had a flight time of 25 minutes. Rescue Companies went in service on the vehicle with the trapped victims and rapidly extricated three of the victims. The fourth person