Busy Labor Day for Caledonia, Wisconsin Firefighters

Labor Day, September 5, 2005 kept Caledonia, Wisconsin Firefighters busy as they responded to two working fires located within blocks of each other, one in the morning and the second at night.

At approximately 8:50 am, a full assignment of Caledonia Engines 222, 221, Truck 253, Rescue 233, Car 241, 242, 247, Mt. Pleasant Engine 123 and Car 141 were dispatched to a report of a confirmed house fire at 5336 Douglas Ave. on the town's east side.

Engine 222, located within blocks of the residence, quickly arrived on scene and reported smoke showing from a two story dwelling. An interior attack was initiated and it was confirmed all residents had evacuated the dwelling. A ground ladder as well as Truck 253's aerial were placed to the roof and one crew cut a ventilation hole.

The house fire, which originated in a bedroom, was brought under control within an hour.

Extensive overhaul was required as a result of the fire, prompting a mutual aid call for Racine Engine 1 and a BLS Rescue Squad from the Oak Creek Fire Department for assistance.

The Racine Fire Bells Rehab 65 was also called to the scene and provided rehab services.

No one was injured, however one cat was killed as a result of the blaze. An estimated $40,000 in damage occurred as a result of the fire.

Fire crews had cleared the scene by noon.

At approximately 10:40 p.m., the tones went off again and Caledonia Engines 222, 221, Truck 253, Car 241, and Mt. Pleasant Rescue 133 were all dispatched to a report of a storage locker on fire at Douglas and Ellis Ave., just blocks south of the previous fire.

As fire rigs were responding, dispatch updated responding companies reporting that four storage lockers were fully involved.

Engine 222 arrived moments later and reported heavy fire showing from both sides of a multi-unit storage locker building.

First alarm companies began setting up hand lines, Engine 221's deck gun, as well as Truck 253's aerial and began attacking the fire. Command then requested additional companies to help battle the blaze due to both the extent of fire and the need for relay pumping because the fire building was located in the rear of the storage locker complex, far from most street hydrants.

Racine Quint 8, Mt. Pleasant Engine 122 and Car 141, an Oak Creek Engine and Command Car, Caledonia Rescue 231, Command Staff and Recall Personnel, as well as the Racine Fire Bells Rehab 65 responded to the fire.

WE Energies was also requested to the scene because live wires were down, preventing firefighters from accessing certain parts of the building. Ultimately, two aerials, one deck-gun monitor, and several hand lines were used to bring the fire under control.

No one was injured at the fire which caused over $100,000 in property damage. Although both fires were located in close proximity to each other, the fires were unrelated.