A 3- Alarm Fire in Prescott, Arizona

A 3 alarm fire at Bennet's Oil and Gasoline Company near down town Prescott was ignited when employees were transferring racing fuel from a large container to a smaller container.

It is believed that static electricity caused an explosion and ensuing fire.

One employee was slightly injured, amazingly.

Fire units from Prescott Fire Department, Central Yavapai Fire District and Chino Valley Fire Department responded to the fire that began at 09:28 a.m. this day August 31, 2005.

A crash-rescue-foam engine was special called to the fire. Prescott Fire Department's Fire Chief Darrell Willis set the damages at nearly $1 million.

The incident also became a HazMat due to the large amounts of petroleum products and water involved.

DPW sand trucks were ordered to the scene and diking was hastily built to contain the flowing fluids.