Clearspring Crews Extricate Patient on Clearspring Road in Washington County, Maryland

Clearspring, MD- Clearspring Fire and EMS Companies responded out on August 29th for a vehicle accident on Clearspring Road just outside of Clearspring.

Washington County Dispatch took multiple calls reporting a serious accident in the area of the Interstate 70 interchange.

Crews from Clearspring Fire and EMS were alerted for the call at 5:38 pm.

Chief Mundey of Clearspring Fire Company 4 was the first to arrive several minutes after dispatch to find a two-vehicle accident. Upon assessment of the incident it was found that the female patient in one of the vehicles was entrapped.

Chief Mundey reported his findings to dispatch and MSP Trooper 3 out of Frederick was requested to the scene for the female. Medics evaluating the patient classified her as a Priority 1 Trauma. Upon this report, Washington County Trauma Center was pre-alerted by dispatch of the Trauma patient so the trauma team could be alerted.

Rescue crews from Clearspring Fire worked vigorously to extricate the patient. Crews were able to have the patient extricated upon arrival of Trooper 3 around 6:06 pm.

Once the Trooper evaluated the patient, they began their flight to Washington County Trauma classifying her as a Priority 1 head Trauma.

Once the patient was clear of the incident, fire crews began wrapping up and were able to turn the scene over to MSP around 6:47 pm and clear all units.