Office Building Blaze in Playa Del Rey, California

L.A. Fire dispatch, "O.C.D," were receiving multiple calls for smoke near the intersection of Manchester Boulevard and Pershing Drive in L.A.'s Playa Del Rey District.

Firefighters from L.A. Task Force 5, and Engine 51, were first on scene reported fire and smoke showing from a four story office building, "Westgate Center," requesting three additional Task Forces on top of the original assignment.

A L.A. Task Force consists of an Engine, a second Engine/Pump and a Truck Company. Firefighters attacking the blaze with handlines on the fourth floor encountered heavy smoke and heat as they pushed forward through a hall and several offices.

Firefighters on the roof utilized rotary saws to cut trough a lightweight concrete roof, venting the fourth floor and attic, preventing the fire from extending to a large storage area on the roof.

It took L.A. Firefighters close to an hour to control the blaze, confining it to the fourth floor.

In all, one hundred ten Firefighters manning nineteen L.A. Fire companies responded to the fire. It took firefighters close to an hour to control the 3 A.M. blaze.

Two fire captains suffered minor smoke inhalation/heat exhaustion and were transported to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in good condition.

Damage was extensive, the cause of the late night blaze is under investigation.