House Fire in Taylor, Texas

At 4:53 pm, August 23, 2005, The Taylor Fire Department of Taylor, Texas responded to 900 Burkett Street #22 for a reported structure fire.

Responding units were Engine-280, a 2004 Pierce Contender Custom Pumper, MRV-286, a 2004 Ford Expedition, and Quint-283, a 1999 Pierce 75' Stick.

Engine 280 was first on scene at 4:56 pm, with fire and heavy smoke showing from the North, West side (2-3 side) of a single wide trailer house. Engine 280, short staffed on this shift, pulled a 1 3/4" pre-connect line and started an exterior attack.

MRV 286, driven by shift Lieutenant Bob Kerzee, took command on scene. Quint 283 laid a 5" supply line from the closest hydrant which was 600 ft away. Quint 283's driver, Firefighter Sanders, took over Engine 280's pump panel. Firefighter Loessin joined Firefighter Blount from Engine 280 and made an interior attack threw the front door. Firefighter Hernandez and Firefighter Russell pulled a second 1 3/4" preconnect from Engine 280 and made interior attack threw the side door.

Command called for an "all call" at 5:01 pm to call back all off duty firefighters.

The fire was contained to room of origin (rear bedroom) and the kitchen, however due to heavy smoke damage the trailer was a total loss. The fire and all hot spots were out at 7:31 pm.

The cause was determined by Firefighter / Arson Investigator Blount and Lieutenant / Fire Investigator Fontenot to be a leak from a gas line leading to the water heater.

There were no injuries from the fire or heat related, due to the constant rotation of firefighters by command.

Williamson County EMS set up rehab on scene.

In all, 17 firefighters, 1 chief, 1 administrative officer and 2 paramedics were on scene with 2 engines, 1 quint,1 command vehicle, and 1 ALS ambulance for 3 hours.

Traffic control was taken care of by Taylor Police Department. The actual temperature was over 100 degrees that day.