Airport Disaster Drill in Pennsylvania

August 25 - Multiple agencies from throughout Erie City/County came together for the Airport Disaster Drill held at Tom Ridge Field.

Involved in the drill were crews from Erie Airport, Millcreek Police, Erie Police, Millcreek Paramedics, Emergycare Ambulance, Stat MedEvac Helicopter, West Ridge Fire Department, Lake Shore Fire Department, Erie City Fire Department, County HazMat, Millcreek Township Schools and several support agencies.

While the EMS crews were treating the simulated victims numbering over 30, fire crews performed several evolutions on the aircraft simulator.

Crews manned two attack lines, while an ARFF truck from the Airport backup the crews with foam.

The crew from E-17 performed 3 evolutions from putting out fires to entering the simulator under heavy simulated smoke conditions.

It's not often that WRFD and other agencies get training like this.

After the training, the crew from E-17 did a critique among themselves to see what went well and what went wrong.

Afterwards, crews met at the Airport Fire Station for lunch.