Hotel Fire in Sagamore, Pennsylvania

Landmark Hotel is a loss in the small Pennsylvania town of Sagamore just outside of Rural Valley.

Firefighters were called to the 102-year-old historic structure shortly after 1am, Wednesday morning, to find the structure heavily involved in flames.

First alarm responses came from Rural Valley, Dayton, Plumville, Elderton, and Kittanning 6. Shortly to follow a tanker alarms from various Armstrong County and Indiana County Fire Departments.

Over all estimated close to 100 firefighters were on scene with all hands working.

Incident command Rural Valley Chief Bill Rupert accounted for hotel residence and went to defense attack and exposure protection. The hotel had 12 apartments above the bar in which had 6 to 8 residence.

The 4- story structure was a total loss.

Water supply posed problems in which the hydrants had low water pressure and near by Keystone Lake was set up as a fill site for the tanker shuttle.

Pennsylvania state police fire marshal was called to investigate the fire.

The saga more hotel was built in 1903 by buffalo and Susquehanna railroad and William Hayes first used for railroad offices.

The hotel was the last major building, in the historical former booming coal town which houses a long history.