Firefighters Work Hand in Hand at Trench Rescue Pine Hill, New Jersey

Shortly after 9:30 a.m. on August 25, 2005 firefighters were dispatched to Cross-Keys Road near New Freedom Road in Pine Hill, New Jersey for a rescue assignment.

There was an update from Camden County Fire Radio to Pine Hill Fire Chief Dick Wright that there was a man trapped in a construction ditch. A Rescue Box was filled out for Specialized Trench Rescue Companies from Winslow Township, Gloucester Township, Gloucester City, Cherry Hill Township and Camden City Rescue 1. An extra engine and ladder company were dispatched for additional manpower.

Chief Wright found one worker trapped up to his waist 22 feet down in a hole. The worker was conscious and alert and did not appear to be injured.

Deputy Fire Chief Mike Scardino of Winslow Township was put to work as rescue coordinator.

Firefighters worked hand in hand to stabilize the excavation hole. They hooked a harness up to the man to remove him from the ditch.

It took about 1 1/2 hours to free the victim. He was transported to a Cooper hospital by EMS units to be checked out.

Chiefs Wright and Scardino had high praise for the 100 firefighters who were worked hand and hand during this rescue assignment.

Companies working at rescue were: Winslow Township, Albion, Sicklerville, Battalion 2, 2502, 2501, Waterford Township. Gloucester City Rescue, Blackwood, Lambs Terrace, Erial, Chews Landing, Cherry Hill, Camden City Rescue, West Berlin, Camden County Field Com, Canteen units 2, & 13-8, and Camden County Fire Police.