White Settlement Firefighters Battle Vacant House Fire

Early Saturday morning, at approximately 3:45 AM, August 2nd, units from the White Settlement Fire Department responded to a residential structure fire at a one story frame residence at 8524 George street in the city.

Chief Jimmy Burnett responded to the scene and he declared it a working fire from several blocks away due to the visibility of heavy smoke and illumination from the fire. Once on the scene he reported the structure to be fully involved.

This was the 2nd of 4 suspicious residential fires on this street within the last 2 weeks. Fortunately all the houses have been vacant at the time of the fires and no one had been injured. These fires are under investigation.

Pump 3 arrived, Lt. Tim Rawlings, Firefighters Todd Andre, and Dennis Bodden proceeded to attack the fully involved structure structure. Command ordered them to head off the fire from spreading to the house next door.

Other units assisted in attacking the inferno immediately upon arrival. The fire was brought under control after about 10 minutes. It is not known how long it was burning before it was reported.

The house was completely flattened by the fire and is a total loss. There were upwards of 30 by standers taking in the action. I spoke with the people who lived next door to the fire and including the owners of the destroyed house. They stated that no one lived in the home and it was in the process of renovation. No one was injured fighting the fire.

Other units which made the scene were C2 Jack Bell, C3 Jim Nelson, C4 Dan Taylor, Quint 1, Pump 1, and Utility 1. Approximately 18 personnel responded to the scene.